11th Photovoltaic Science Application and Technology (PVSAT-11)

Conference and Exhibition


15 - 17 April 2015, University of Leeds, UK

organised by


the Solar Energy Society  (UK-ISES)


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PVSAT-11 will take place at the University of Leeds, UK

Wednesday 15th - Friday 17th April 2015



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Abstract submission deadline : Monday 22 December 2014


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10 Postgraduate Student Bursaries covering the PVSAT-11 registration fee will be made available through the generous support of the EPSRC Supergen SuperSolar action. A further 5 Postgraduate Student Bursaries will be made available by the University of Leeds. Application details will follow.


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Abstract submission deadline:  Monday 22nd December 2014

Full paper submission: Wednesday 18th March 2015

Early Bird Registration deadline: Wednesday 18th March 2015




A Word from the Chair

I have just returned from a week in Amsterdam at EU PVSEC hearing about the latest scientific and technology progress in solar PV.  The conversion efficiency of PV cells continue upward with new records for crystalline silicon (25.7%, Panasonic), CdTe cell (21.0%, First Solar), CIGS (21.7%, ZSW) and multi-junction concentrator cells (46.5%, Fraunhofer ISE).  Clearly the development in these established technologies continues to advance.  The newer cell technologies (dye-sensitized cells, organic cells, CZTS and hybrid/perovskite) by definition started the race late but have made significant progress in recent years, most notably perovskite cells that now reported to have reached over 19%.

Im now looking forward to PVSAT-11, firmly established as the UKs premier scientific event for solar PV, where I expect to hear the latest progress being made by UK universities and research groups. The UK has strong R&D in solar, particularly in thin film and the newer cell technologies, and PVSAT is the opportunity to showcase this work and present your latest results and achievements.

PVSAT is not all about the science and has from the beginning covered applications, field performance, policy issues and market development.  This is perhaps more relevant to the UK today where adoption of PV has never been greater.  Id personally like to hear more about the environmental impacts and benefits of solar especially since its green halo is being challenged by competing energy technologies (including fracking!).  So pick-up your pens/keyboards/touch screens and submit your abstract for PVSAT-11.

PVSAT-11 will be held at Leeds University in the heart of this great city with convenient rail, road and air connections.  The meeting will be held over three days starting late morning on day 1 and finishing with lunch on day 3.  We will host an exhibition where delegates have an opportunity to view and discuss the latest developments in device characterisation, fabrication and specialist materials offered by commercial suppliers. As always, all meals and refreshments are included in the event so it is a great way to network.  Come and meet old friends and find new collaborators for future projects.

Look out for announcements about the SuperGen SuperSolar workshop that will be held at the University of Leeds on the day immediately preceding PVSAT-11.

Look forward to see you in April, Nigel Mason, PVSAT-11 Conference Chair


Conference Themes

1.                   Crystalline silicon photovoltaics

2.                   Thin film inorganic photovoltaics

3.                   Excitonic photovoltaics  including dye-sensitised, organic and perovskites

4.                   High efficiency and novel photovoltaic devices

5.                   Concentrator photovoltaics

6.                   Manufacturing processes and characterisation

7.                   Photovoltaic systems, components and grid integration

8.                   Performance measurements and field experience

9.                   Policy & environment issues, including economics, market development and life cycle analysis


Conference Outline

Wednesday 15 April  

10.00 Registration opens; 11.00 Conference opens.; 18.00 Welcome Reception and Dinner, University of Leeds

Thursday 16 April      

09.00 Full Conference day; 19.00 Drinks Reception, Conference Awards Dinner, Great Hall University of Leeds

Friday 17 April    

09.00 Conference continues; 13.00 Conference closes.



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Tel: 0044 (0)7760 163559; Fax: 0044 (0)1235 848684; Email: info@uk-ises.org; www.uk-ises.org