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20-21 April 2015, Swansea UK

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12th Photovoltaic Science Application and Technology


Conference and Exhibition, 6-8 April 2016

University of Liverpool, UK

organised by the Solar Energy Society(UK-ISES)

MEETING REPORT 11th Photovoltaic Science, Applications and Technology Conference (PVSAT-11)

3-Day conference held at The University of Leeds, Leeds 15-17 April 2015 Hosted and underwritten by The Solar Energy Society (UK), this was the 11th annual conference in the PVSAT series.

The meeting attracted over 80 delegates keen to hear the scientific presentations given by the 8 guest and 30 contributory speakers and the 18 poster presentations.

Many delegates remarked on the quality and content of the programme and the relaxed and inclusive nature of the meeting.

Dr Pierre Verlinden, VP and Chief Scientist at Trina Solar spoke about the research activity at the worlds largest solar PV manufacturer (2014) and the development of crystalline silicon solar cell architectures with increasing efficiency.

Dr John Wohlgemuth from the US National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL) spoke of the challenges to improve the reliability and durability of PV modules and gave an insight into new product standards that are being developed by the international community.

In the field of thin film PV, Dr Jon Major(U Liverpool) gave details of a new low-cost, not-toxic chloride treatment for the fabrication of CdTe solar cells and Mr Raymond Knappen (VDL Flow, The Netherlands) described the development and operation of new roll-to-roll equipment for the atomic layer deposition of buffer layers for CIGS solar cells.

In CPV and OPV, Dr Tom Tibbits (Fraunhofer ISE, Germany) described the structure and fabrication of the world record 46% efficient concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) cell developed at the Institute of Solar Energy in Freiburg, Germany and Prof James Durrant (Imperial College London) spoke of the challenges and opportunities in organic solar cells (OPV).

A hot topic for solar PV is the field of storage to delay the consumption of solar electricity to evenings where domestic demand is greater. Dr Matthias Kauer (Sharp Laboratories of Europe) described new battery storage and inverter products for residential PV systems and contrasted the differing system requirements in USA, Japan and Europe.

Finally, Dr Rolf Crook (U Leeds) described a new technique to model minutely-resolved solar PV generation from hourly recorded weather observation data.

The Conference Dinner and Awards Presentation was held in the Great Hall at the University of Leeds and preceded by a drinks reception with live music from a student string quartet.

The Best Paper was awarded to George Koutsourakis et al. (U Loughborough) and the Best Poster was awarded to Annette Pressman et al. (U Liverpool).

An award for Best Student Poster, sponsored by the Institute of Physics: Materials and Characterisation Group, was presented to Vasil Stoichkov (U Bangor).

Selected quality papers presented at the meeting have been submitted to the editors of either IET Renewable Power Generation (RPG) or Maney Publishing Materials Research and Innovation (MRI) for potential publication.

A small exhibition at the conference included exhibits by Bentham Instruments, Kurt J Lesker Company, IET Journals and Maney Publishing.

PVSAT-11 acknowledges with thanks the sponsorship provided by IET Journals, The Royal Society of Chemistry: Energy Sector, PV Crystalox, SHARP and Maney Publishing.

PVSAT-11 also acknowledges the bursaries from SuperGen SuperSolar and The University of Leeds to sponsor fifteen free student tickets.

PVSAT-12 will be held at The University of Liverpool from 6-8 April 2016.

Nigel Mason, Conference Chair

PVSAT-11 poster session attendees
PVSAT-11 attendees at the conference dinner

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Previous conference

11th Photovoltaic Science Application and Technology (PVSAT-11)

Conference and Exhibition, 15-17 April 2015, University of Leeds, UK

organised by the Solar Energy Society(UK-ISES)

A Word from the Chair

I have just returned from a week in Amsterdam at EU PVSEC hearing about the latest scientific and technology progress in solar PV.  The conversion efficiency of PV cells continue upward with new records for crystalline silicon (25.7%, Panasonic), CdTe cell (21.0%, First Solar), CIGS (21.7%, ZSW) and multi-junction concentrator cells (46.5%, Fraunhofer ISE).  Clearly the development in these established technologies continues to advance.  The newer cell technologies (dye-sensitized cells, organic cells, CZTS and hybrid/perovskite) by definition started the race late but have made significant progress in recent years, most notably perovskite cells that now reported to have reached over 19%.
     I’m now looking forward to PVSAT-11, firmly established as the UK’s premier scientific event for solar PV, where I expect to hear the latest progress being made by UK universities and research groups. The UK has strong R&D in solar, particularly in thin film and the newer cell technologies, and PVSAT is the opportunity to showcase this work and present your latest results and achievements.
     PVSAT is not all about the science and has from the beginning covered applications, field performance, policy issues and market development.  This is perhaps more relevant to the UK today where adoption of PV has never been greater.  I’d personally like to hear more about the environmental impacts and benefits of solar especially since its green halo is being challenged by competing energy technologies (including fracking!).  So pick-up your pens/keyboards/touch screens and submit your abstract for PVSAT-11.
     PVSAT-11 will be held at the University of Leeds in the heart of this great city with convenient rail, road and air connections.  The meeting will be held over three days starting late morning on day 1 and finishing with lunch on day 3.  We will host an exhibition where delegates have an opportunity to view and discuss the latest developments in device characterisation, fabrication and specialist materials offered by commercial suppliers. As always, all meals and refreshments are included in the event so it is a great way to network.  Come and meet old friends and find new collaborators for future projects.
     Look out for announcements about the SuperGen SuperSolar workshop that will be held at the University of Leeds on the day immediately preceding PVSAT-11.
     Look forward to see you in April, Nigel Mason, PVSAT-11 Conference Chair

Conference Programme

Here is the 'final' version of the PVSAT 11 conference program which is subject to change
wordPVSAT-11 'final' conference programme

Guest Speakers (as of 24th Feb 2015)

We are pleased to be able to announce the following list of distinguished guest speakers

Guest Speaker Programme


Dr Pierre Verlinden

Vice President & Chief Scientist, Trina Solar, China
"High-Performance Crystalline Silicon PV Modules for Large Volume Production"


Professor James Durrant

Professor of Photochemistry, Imperial College London
"Challenges and Opportunities in Organic Solar Cells"


Dr Matthias Kauer

R&D Manager, SHARP Laboratories of Europe
"Battery Storage for Residential PV Systems"


Dr John Wohlgemuth

Principle Reliability Physicist, NREL, USA
"Improving PV Reliability and Durability"


Dr Tom Tibbits

Staff Scientist, Fraunhofer ISE, Germany
"New Efficiency Frontiers with Wafer-bonded Multi-Junction Solar Cells"


Mr Raymond Knaapen

Systems Engineer, VDL Flow, The Netherlands
"Equipment for Roll-to-Roll, Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition of CIGS Buffer Layers"


Dr Jon Major

University of Liverpool, UK
"Low Cost, Non-Toxic Chloride Activation Treatments for Thin Film CdTe Solar Cells"


Dr Rolf Crook

University of Leeds, UK
"Stochastic Generation of Minutely Irradiance Time Series Derived from Hourly Weather Observation Data"

Sponsor PVSAT-11:

PVSAT-11 is presently sponsored and supported by

Opportunities exist for named sponsorship of individual elements of the conference, e.g. prizes, receptions, coffee breaks, dinner, proceedings etc.

Companies and organisations interested in sponsorship of PVSAT-11 should contact the Solar Energy Society Secretariat for further information.


Exhibit at PVSAT-11:

PVSAT-11 provides opportunities for leading UK companies to interact with the world-leading UK academic community.

PVSAT-11 invites potential exhibitors to register by completing and submitting the following form

Each Exhibitor is granted two complementary delegate places and unrestricted access to all areas and activities of the conference including conference receptions and both conference dinners.

Exhibitor Registration Fee: £995 inclusive of VAT PVSAT-11

Presently exhibitors include: 

Bentham Instruments

Kurt J. Lesker Company


IET Journals

Maney Publishing

Conference Themes

1. Crystalline silicon photovoltaics

2. Thin film inorganic photovoltaics

3. Excitonic photovoltaics  including dye-sensitised, organic and perovskites

4. High efficiency and novel photovoltaic devices

5. Concentrator photovoltaics

6. Manufacturing processes and characterisation

7. Photovoltaic systems, components and grid integration

8. Performance measurements and field experience

9. Policy & environment issues, including economics, market development and life cycle analysis

Organising Committee

Conference Chair:   

nbmNigel Mason, PV Consulting Ltd 


rgRalph Gottschalg, Loughborough University, (UK-ISES Vice-Chairperson)


acAlex Cole, Polyphotonix, PVSAT Programme Chair
mhMichael Hutchins, The Solar Energy Society (UK-ISES Secretariat)
siStuart Irvine, OpTIC Technium, Glyndŵr University
npNicola Pearsall, Northumbria University
tmbTim Bruton, TMB Consulting, Immediate Past PVSAT Chair
rcRolf Crook, University of Leeds, Local Organiser
hrHari Reehal, London South Bank University
srSteve Ransome, Steve Ransome Consulting Ltd
twTrystan Watson, SPECIFIC, Swansea University


PVSAT-12, University of Liverpool, 6-8 April 2016
PVSAT-11, University of Leeds, 15-17 April 2015
PVSAT-10, Loughborough University, 23-25 April 2014
PVSAT-9, Swansea University, 10-12 April 2013
PVSAT-8, Northumbria  University, 2-4 April 2012
PVSAT-7, Heriot-Watt University, 1-3 April 2011
PVSAT-6, Southampton University, 1-3 April 2010
PVSAT-5, Glyndŵr University, 1-3 April 2009
PVSAT-4, University of Bath, 2-4 April 2008
PVSAT-3, Durham University, 28-30 March 2007
PVSAT-2, Loughborough University, 14-15 April 2005
PVSAT-1, Loughborough University, 3-4 April 2003

For further information contact:

The Secretariat, The Solar Energy Society,
PO Box 489, Abingdon OX14 4WY, UK
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