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Opening Session

18 April 2018, 11:00 - 12:30

Chair: Nigel Mason, PV Consulting Ltd

Oral Presentation | 11:00

Professor Nigel Brandon, OBE FREng, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Imperial College London
Dr Nigel Mason, PV Consulting, PVSAT-14 Conference Chair
Dr Alex Cole, Centre for Process Innovation, PVSAT-14 Programme Chair

Challenges And Opportunities In Printed Photovoltaics
Prof James Durrant
Imperial College London
Oral Presentation | 11:30

My talk will address some of the key challenges and opportunities for organic and perovskite based solar cells. I will start by discussing the motivations for such printed photovoltaic technologies, and the market opportunities for these technologies. I will discuss some of the recent advances in the efficiencies and stabilities of these devices, including in particular the development of non-fullerene acceptors for organic solar cells. Finally I will discuss in more detail some of our kinetic studies of the parameters determining device performance in these technologies, and in particular how transient optical and optoelectronic analyses can give powerful insights into materials and device function.

WattsUp With Perovskite-silicon Tandem Solar Cells
Dr Chris Case
Oxford Photovoltaics Ltd
Oral Presentation | 12:00

Chris Case is the Chief Technology Officer at Oxford PV, a spin-out of Oxford University that is commercialising perovskites for PV applications. Most recently, he was the Chief Technology Officer for Linde Electronics and the former Chief Scientific Officer of The BOC Group. Earlier, he was engineering professor at Brown University and spent 10 years at AT&T Bell Labs. His talk will cover perovskite-silicon tandem cells that are being developed by Oxford PV.

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