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Local Hotels

Imperial College are able to offer accommodation with several local partner hotels at reduced rates.

Delegates need to book directly through the college to benefit from the reduced rates.
You can book through the following channels:

The web page above identifies several different price bands available, and four different locations (South Kensington, White City, and Gatwick/Heathrow airports). There are several hotels listed per price band.

Please note: All the bookings are handled by Imperial College and delegates pay them directly. No bookings are taken through the Solar Energy Society (UK-ISES)

Further information can be obtained from:

Anna Hikkerova | Group Sales Executive | Commercial Accommodation
Office of Financial Strategy | Imperial College London | Level 3 Sherfield Building | South Kensington Campus | London | SW7 2AZ
Telephone: +44 (0) 207 594 9488 | Extension: 49488 | Email:

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